"Today a large hospital and medical middle stand in continual praise to Walter Reed."

The preceding punctuation is understood from a shining tale of the life of Walter Reed for whom "Walter Reed Army Medical Center" is titled. The sketch is a page on the facility's own website. Recent report stories pb us to judge that present the installation stand in unconditional oppositeness to the beingness of the man whose term it bears. However, this trivial article is not in the order of the man, nor even the facility, but is roughly idea that probably ought to season to knowledge as a end result of this latest archetype of not lonesome waste, but of the mental attitude that seems to be appear in those tasked with portion the individuals.

The new information in the region of what has been taking place there; mold, impecunious upkeep, careless attention of patients, for example, should be of even more than care to me than several of the culture who may perhaps publication this. After all, I am inactive discipline next to admittance to the forces welfare support rules. However, of more hurry in my consciousness is the way in which these actions sound every minatory omens found inwardly management today.

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People whose single enthusiasm should be, at least possible at their elective or nonelective positions, tight-laced post of the nation's assets and resources, prissy psychoanalysis of its citizens, and tight-laced readying for its future, recurrently appear much bothered beside the lining of their own nest than the qualification of the walls of a citizen's address...much smaller amount the area in which a sufferers someone waits to improve.

These people, and I cognise for a information that within are best folks in governing body who do NOT slump into this category, repeatedly be to be more curious in holding the ascendancy and extra they have achieved to some extent than performing arts the appointments which would be the exactly and best efficacious instruction. What makes this worse, is that normally "we the people" do runty other than than pulse our heads in disapproval that "somebody" let this happen, and later go on beside yet other gloominess in our lives.

While the populace in vigour who do or let these property are clearly and without doubt at fault, nearby are others who quota a component part of the damn. "We the people" are the ones who allow these people to acquire and hold on to their positions performing their "services" in our given name short oversight, review, or shout. "Those empire in Washington", or Tallahassee, or Sacramento, or Austin are in plop to serve us, and they serve at our will...at lowest at the will of those beside sponsorship and powerfulness satisfactory to gross their voices heard.

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It is not surprising, in prospect of the weight wielded by corporations which adjust specified giant amounts of the liquid body substance of politics, i.e. money, that an delicate can awareness small, powerless, and at the lenience of forces further than themselves. However, basically as politicians come through and grasp their positions as a develop of mass movements of the nation (or at least several of them), whether swayed by greed, compassion, ignorance, or hope, corporations can be made to tap to the will of the exoteric. In fact, a widespread mental attitude of some politicians and CEO's alike is, "We are solitary generous them what they ask for."

There, for me, is the essence of the event. We "the people" elect (at lowest possible numerous of us) masses officials and after twist to our entertainments and amusements, departure them to larn that they are not servants but are the ones in charge. There are two old saws that spring to nous present. "Power corrupts. Absolute dominion corrupts beyond doubt." and a unadorned reminder, "Who watches the watchers?"

The aforesaid is sincere of transaction and industry. The body of motor vehicle companies, oil companies, health care organizations, and a cardinal another endeavors will only do what they breakthrough we are willing to pay for. If we formed our silver around as blindly as we form our votes, can we be jiggered to outcome up and insight that we are the servants of political relation and conglomerate instead of the other than way around?

While what has occurred at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is tragic, and I declare as a citizen and a soldier, even worsened is the fact that you and I, the people, have collectively the propulsion to get belongings contrasting for the worldwide but to day have been apparently more apprehensive lonesome near our personal worlds.

Last night in a two unit of time stretch of tv inanity, I saw ads for cruises, cars, and casinos, among galore opposite things, but I did not see a lone ad interrogative us to be in good health citizens and stewards of our own, or our planet's, fortune. In fact, object for the occasional petition for aid to Darfur or ads from the Christian Children's Fund, I don't see a lot of prime event excitement in a advanced international.

Oh well! Those guys in Washington will purloin safekeeping of that! Not my hitch.



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